A night at Banff Mountain Film Festival 2015


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Banff Film Fest in Munich

This film fest which takes place in the city of Banff in Canada is seen as the „Outdoor Oscars“ as  here, are the awards for the best international outdoor films. Subsequently, the Banff Mountain Film Festival goes on a global tour to show the best film selection to the rest of the world.

Banff Tour Dates GermanyToday, it is also stopping in Munich. It’s a warm and sunny day in February and I am walking to the venue where it takes place – the Amerika Haus. All of the 7 movies are more than great and I am totally astonished by their extreme and inspiring character. I love being active in the outdoors and thus, to visit film festivals such as Banff, EOFT or the International Ocean Film Tour.

I can highly recommend checking when this film fest stops in a city near you and to be inspired, informed  and entertained by the actors, their stories and the great movies. I am already looking forward to attending again next year.

As I said, all the films of this year’s edition are great. So, it was hard to choose the best one. So, here are my top 3 films:

A documentary about dams in the States and why they should be demolished. For me as a fisherman and environment lover this movie is of key importance when it comes to sustainable future scenarios of our eco-system.

Valley Uprising – The Stonemasters
Great movie about the flower power 60’s and how this decade shaped the outdoor climbing scene. It all started in Yellowstone National Park with some stoned extreme climbers… Best movie of the 2015 edition.   

Sculpted in Time: The Wise Man
Age doesn’t matter! Keep yourself fit, stay healthy and enjoy life. Grab life by the hands, live it and be thankful for what you have! You only live once – live your dreams as long as you can!


Next on is leisure and tourism fair f.re.e in Munich.

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