Life of a travel blogger: My October highlights


Just being back from my 4-month cycling trip through Eastern-Europe I found myself busy with arriving, some days of resting, seeing public officials, writing a business plan… . Next to that, I was invited to some events, got to know interesting people, was overwhelmed with inspiration, spend some evenings in nice company and flew out of the country for a special event. Life of a travel blogger – here are my October highlights:

22nd October, Munich: Evaenos Travel Day 

Young tour operator Evaneos from Paris organised a cosy evening in the Oberangertheater in order to present themselves, their principles and their exotic and unusual travel destinations. Their slogan: “Travel like nobody else” which means in particular the direct connection between traveler and locals, organised through their experts on site and the discontinuation of facilitators. An interesting evening where I have met quite some nice and inspirational people.

24th October, Munich: National Geographic screening “100 Days in Tibet”

A promise of the Munich based photographer York Hovest to the Dalia Lama. A story about getting inspired, taking action and giving back instead of just talking.

29th October, Munich: Screening „Pedal the World“

I missed this movie in summer as I was cycling myself through Eastern-Europe. A film for everyone who likes to travel and is interested in the up and downs which can happen while cycling instead of flying or taking the train during your travels. “You only live once get out there and do your thing!”

30th October London: Off to the World Travel Market in London

It’s this time of the year again: World Travel Market in London is calling. It’s my 4th visit at this extraordinary travel event. This time I will stay longer than usual with a lot of pre-events, parties as well as my own little stand at the Blogger Speednetworking-Event on Thursday. I was selected as 1 of 100 bloggers who were chosen to take part in it. I’m very proud and excited and will write the entire story about my time in London once I’m back. #wtm2015

31st October, London: E.O.F.T – European Outdoor Film Tour

Earlier than expected I attended this year’s European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT). Instead of attending in the middle of December in Munich I found myself sitting in the Royal Geographical Society in London watching all the inspiring outdoor movies of this year’s edition. Here are all movies  #eoft2015

31st  October, London: Ice and the Sky

A good friend who I am currently visiting in London told me about this movie. She works for Chimu Adventures, sponsor of the movie and tour operator who organises expeditions to the polar regions. A movie about the dramatic and important topic of climate change based on an Antarctic expedition. An alarm call presented and told in an inspiring way. Here is the website of the movie.

Hi, ich bin Matthias und reise gerne fernab der Massentourismuspfade, aktiv und abenteuerlich, aber zugleich auch genussvoll und entschleunigt. Am liebsten mit Rad, Rucksack oder Handgepäck. Auf diesem Blog findest du neben Reiseberichten und Tipps auch Interviews, Gedanken, Gastartikel und viele Eindrücke zum Reisen mit dem Fahrrad.

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