Spring travel marathon February to April


My travel destinations for the first quarter of 2016

Yeah!! 2016 has started off just great. My blog is running well, business is also gaining pace and I am happy and healthy. The life of a travel blogger could hardly be any better. During the last weeks I have written some articles about my previous trips. The next weeks will be  packed full with some new adventures. I already love 2016! So, what exactly is going to happen? Well, a lot! 😀

1. 14-day trip to Kerala, India

It all starts on February 13th when I will go from Düsseldorf via Dubai to India; more precisely to Kerala, a region in the south of India. The Indian tourism board has invited me together with 30 other international blogger to visit Kerala. I am very excited already and am looking forward to getting to know a very different culture, doing many nature-based activities, staying in nice accommodation, meeting new people and of course  enjoying the sea, sun and beaches! And not to forget finally experiencing my very first Emirates flight. I would like to take you with me on my adventure. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

India Kerala

2. A two-day break and off I go to Iceland

On 1st  March I will come back and have only one day to rest, wash my clothes, pack again and travel to Berlin. From there I will go to Iceland for one week together with my blogger friend Franzi from Coconut Sports. First India, then Iceland!? Yes, I know, the contrast could hardly be any greater. Franzi has won two flights and spontaneously asked me if I would like to join her. Of course I would like to! Thanks again, dear Franzi I hope we will see the northern lights!


3. From Iceland to the travel and tourism fair ITB in Berlin

One week later I return to Berlin where the world’s biggest travel and tourism fair ITB takes place. I cannot wait to meet old friends from my tourism studies as well as former work colleagues from Ireland, Australia, The Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia and Germany. Like at the World Travel Market in London, I will also take part in the Blogger Speednetworking Event. I am curious about the exciting and interesting cooperation possibilities that might arise. The stand parties, the yearly blogger meeting as well as both Alumni events from my former universities from The Netherlands make this fair just perfect.

ITB Berlin 2016

4. Cycle trip through the border region Emsland – Holland

In May, when spring is about to start, I will finally go on my next cycle trip. It will not be as big and enduring as the last summer when I cycled 2, 500 km through eight countries, but probably not less interesting. This time I will travel the German-Dutch border region – my old home. More precisely I will go through the Münsterland, the Emsland as well as through the Dutch Provinces of Drenthe and Groningen. I can hardly wait to be back on the bicycle and to explore the nice surroundings up there in the North regardless of the wind and weather conditions, and to be finally back in Holland! 🙂

Niederlande traveltelling

Sweden will be coming up in July. But that is a different story  🙂

Hi, ich bin Matthias und reise gerne fernab der Massentourismuspfade, aktiv und abenteuerlich, aber zugleich auch genussvoll und entschleunigt. Am liebsten mit Rad, Rucksack oder Handgepäck. Auf diesem Blog findest du neben Reiseberichten und Tipps auch Interviews, Gedanken, Gastartikel und viele Eindrücke zum Reisen mit dem Fahrrad.

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  1. Looks like an awesome start to the year. Time to turn the marathon into an ultra marathon and keep the travel going!

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