Back home in Munich – What’s on now?


At this point I would like to give you some facts about me and what will happen now that I’m back home. Over the past four months I cycled through Eastern-Europe and had an incredible time being on the road. In order to realise this dream and finally feel free and satisfy my wanderlust again, I left my job as an Online-Marketing Manager in a language travel company. It was an indescribable journey on which I met wonderful people, saw outstanding nature, tested my physical limits and broadened my horizons. Every single day was an adventure. I do not regret this decision at all.

So, Matthias, what are you going to do now?

During this year I have finally found my passion and profession: Travel blogging. It is a synergy of my professional background in tourism, online marketing, SEO, website optimization and my hobby; (responsible) traveling. However, most important to me is to encourage other people to travel more, to see more (in a sustainable way) and to realise their dreams. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and this is where you really see, experience and learn more. This is what I found out during the last ten years and have never stopped doing since.  I want to give back and pass on what I have learned and experienced, to encourage everyone to listen to their inner voice and to figure out what they really want in order to live a happy and satisfied life. I found inspiration in my experiences, my previous job and by visiting the World Travel Market in London and ITB Berlin.

This means, from now on I want to push my blog further and live from earnings through consultancy for tourism development, online marketing, website and search engine optimization (SEO) as well as translations. For me, this is a really brave step. Probably, the biggest and bravest I have ever taken in my life so far.
Of course there are always risks involved; especially financial ones. Nevertheless, after a long and intense process of thinking and research for over a year now, I am ready to finally realise my idea and to begin a new chapter in my life – I am sure my future `me` will be thankful that I took this step. I do not want to look back when I am 50 years old and regret things which I have not done because I was driven by fear and the need for security although the world stood open for me. I will see whether my idea works out. And in about six months I will draw my first conclusion.

Wish me luck and fingers crossed!


Hi, ich bin Matthias und reise gerne fernab der Massentourismuspfade, aktiv und abenteuerlich, aber zugleich auch genussvoll und entschleunigt. Am liebsten mit Rad, Rucksack oder Handgepäck. Auf diesem Blog findest du neben Reiseberichten und Tipps auch Interviews, Gedanken, Gastartikel und viele Eindrücke zum Reisen mit dem Fahrrad.

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