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Sawasdee kha!
I’m Matthias, a 31 year-young life-lover. I was born in the Dutch-German border region and my friends describe me as a positive and enthusiastic but yet profound person who is always up for a laugh and quite enjoyable to be around. I did my Masters in Tourism Destination Management and during the last years I traveled to and lived in many different countries where I have met locals, like-minded people and other travelers from the most diverse backgrounds. I got inspired in many different ways and a lot of these people have become and still are good friends! With 21 I found the answer to the question I was constantly asking myself: What is my meaning of life? The answer came to me while being on a life-changing sailing trip on a catamaran at the other end of the world!

About the blog 

On this blog I talk about my personal travel stories from over 500 places in 33 countries I have been so far. Apart from that, you will find travel tips, information on slow travel as well as tips on how to become a responsible traveler.  I am sure it will help you to find some inspiration for your next trips, looking at travel from a different perspective and hopefully to get caught with my passion and enthusiasm for travel and living life to the fullest while reading my stories! I also want to thank my girlfriend Babs who supports me with pictures and proofreading/translations. If you are interested in finding out more about me take a look at the guy behind this blog.

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