While traveling and working in Australia, I heard about a Hawaiian couple sailing along the country’s East coast. They are very open-minded people always keen on taking someone with them who can help maintain their catamaran and simply enjoys sailing as much as they do. I gave it a try and contacted them. We exchanged some e-mails and made some phone calls and wow, they told me to meet them in Bundaberg. Without really knowing what to expect I travelled all the way down from the little town of Atherton in the Tablelands in Queensland where I was previously working. Arriving at the harbour of Bundaberg I met David and Shirlee; two lovely Hawaiians in their early 50s.

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With me was Andy, a good travel buddy who I got to know in Sydney. From there we headed north along the Great Barrier Reef and after one night overcoming sea-sickness I immediately fell in love with the reckless and amazing life on a catamaran. Not thinking about tomorrow, not thinking about any type of media, not thinking about what will come next, just staying on course towards the horizon. I was quite curious, enthusiastic and reckless – living and enjoying the beauty of the moment – every day. When we were hungry we went fishing from the boat and caught some good size and tasty fresh tuna directly from the Pacific Ocean.

Sometimes we also went to the mainland or some islands to do some grocery shopping so that we had enough food for the next week. Life on a small comfortable boat like a catamaran is very simple. It means back to the basics – back to nature. Sailing, sleeping outside below the spangled sky, stopping at some lonely islands, swimming as a means of transport, and hiking to explore these islands.

To me, it felt like pure living, having fun and surviving in a way which I had never experienced before and probably not a lot of other people have either. This trip clearly opened my eyes in terms of knowing what life is all about: No expectations – being happy with what you do every day and being thankful for what you have! I am so glad to have contacted and met Shirlee and David at that time and I wish them all the best, happiness and health in their life!

Bottom line: If you are not fully satisfied or happy with your life, you are the only person who can make a change as nobody will do it for you! Everybody should be happy and without worries including you. Act today don’t wait too long! If, for example, you feel like going travelling – just go, don’t think too much! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!