There are millions of beautiful places in our world. But in most cases it is a combination of a place, its people and the experience one had while visiting to call it your favourite place. I asked 25 international bloggers about their favourite destinations in this world. Now it’s time to get inspired!

What Is Your Most Favourite Place?

25 International Bloggers Reveal
Their Favourite Places

1. Laurel from MonkeysandMountains (Canada)

Favourite place: Waterton National Park, Canada

My favourite place is Waterton National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It’s not nearly as famous as Banff National Park, but fewer people mean more wildlife sightings – including the best I’ve ever had in the Rockies! More importantly, it’s close to where I grew up and serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty where ever you are in the world!

Laurel from MonkeysAndMountains

2. Erik from AroundTheGlobe (The Netherlands)

Favourite place: Rio Amazonas, Peru

Some trips remain special for years and for me that was the river cruise trip on the Río Amazonas in Peru. It was one of the most special trips I’ve ever made. The very friendly people who live in the Amazon region gave us a warm welcome and showed us how they live mainly on what nature provides. The impressive forests and the animals living there make you realize we need to preserve nature as much as we can so we can keep on enjoying it.

Erik from AroundTheGlobe

3. Alex from
CrazySexyFunTraveler (Slovakia)

Favourite place: Teotihuacan pyramids, Mexico

One of my absolutely favourite destinations is the Teotihuacan pyramids in Central Mexico. It’s said to be the place of Gods and even though I am not a religious person, I can feel magical energy there. I can regain both mental and physical power just by walking around the massive pyramids. Maybe because I believe I was once one of the native inhabitants somewhere in that area thanks to the resemblance in my nose.

Alex from CrazySexyFunTraveler

4. Dave from 
TravelDaveUK (UK)

Favourite place: Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea

There is something about South Korean culture that excites me. Diving straight into the heart of the Hongdae district of Seoul is where it can be easily found. I could easily get lost here for days diving into the endless options of tasty Korean street food, from steamed pork buns to Korean BBQ grill this area has it all on offer. For those with a death wish for a crazy party, be sure to try the popular Korean Beer n’ Chicken combo accompanied with fun Korean drinking games. And be sure to end the night with an attempt at Koreanen karaoke if you dare. Hongdae has something for every adventurous traveller and this is what makes it one of my favourite places to visit around the world.

Dave from TravelDaveUK

5. Cailin from
TravelYourself (Canada)

Favourite place: Prague, Czech Republic

One of my current favourite travel destinations around the world would most definitely be Prague. Not for its castle or fancy bridge but for its pretty trams, small town feeling and DELICIOUS food. The beer is cheap, the steak tartare is out of this world, and they even have really great Asian food all for reasonable prices. It is definitely the type of destination where you can just hang out and live life like a local.

Cailin from TravelYourself

6. Claire from CuriousClaire (UK)

Favourite place: Lublin, Poland

I instantly fell in love with Poland after my first visit to Warsaw and my favourite city there has to be Lublin. It’s a charming place full of history and you can even take a tour under the city. Plus with all the delicious Polish food and beer available it’s the perfect destination.

Claire from Curious Claire

7. Becki from
BordersOfAdventures (UK)

Favourite place: Myanmar

My favourite country I’ve travelled in is Myanmar (Burma), which over the past few years has become hot on the Southeast Asia travel trail for those looking for a slice of culture not as trodden or overrun as some of its neighbours. However, as a country that has only recently opened its doors to tourism, travelling here is not about bragging who saw it in its most ‘untouched’ state (as I see happening all the time) but knowing that you are visiting a country on the cusp of great change – one that was closed off to the world because of heavy military rule, but which is now seeing the introduction of democracy and great change to propel it forward. Travel here is challenging – infrastructure is still developing, and people are becoming more accustomed to the growth and business of tourism. My favourite memories include riding the $1 ‘Yangon Circle Line’ commuter train, cycling through Mandalay’s countryside around the outskirts of the duty, bustling city, hiking for three days through the tea hills, chugging over the highest railway bridge in the country by train, and mostly, if not always… the local people. Those smiles and welcomes from some of the nicest people you will ever meet, who are excited to have you there and who know their lives are changing now, for the better. You can be a part of that too.

Becki from BordersOfAdventure

8. Matthias from
TravelTelling (Germany)

Favourite place: Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s hard to bring it down to only one favourite place as I have quite a few. But the first place which always comes to mind is South-East Asia and to be more precise Chiang Mai in Thailand. Back in 2012 I spent a month here and fell in Iove not only with the Thai people but also with the amazing food to be found in the streets of Chiang Mai. The city in the North of Thailand is situated not too far from the Golden Triangle – the border point where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand touch each other. The influence of different cooking styles and traditional food prepared by the peoples and the tribes living in the surrounding mountains in this border region make the culinary experience in Chiang Mai an extraordinary one.

Matthias from TravelTelling

9. Clelia from
KeepCalmAndTravel (Italy)

Favourite place: Cala Mariolu Beach in Sardinia, Italy

As someone once said “There is no place like home”, and how true is that?! I was very lucky to be born on one of the most amazing islands on earth, Sardinia! My favourite place is a fabulous beach called Cala Mariolu which is located in the Golfo di Orosei area. The beach can be reached only by boat and it’s truly a paradise, combining the wilderness of the mountains with a sea so turquoise and transparent that is almost surreal. I decided to venture a bit further and scuba dive in one of the grottos near the beach. An unforgettable experience!

Clelia from KeepCalmAndTravel

10. Janet from 
JournalistOnTheRun (Ireland)

Favourite place: Bloubergstrand in Cape Town, South Africa

My favourite place in the world is sitting on Bloubergstrand in Cape Town, South Africa. While I could also argue Cape Town is the best city in the world, really my ‘happy place’ would be sitting in the powder white sand, watching dolphins and kite surfers playing together in the harbour, with the mighty Table Mountain forming the spectacular back drop. It’s one of the most incredible places in the world, and a spot I always look forward to returning to.

Janet from JournalistOnTheRun

11. Kash from
BudgetTraveller (UK)

Favourite place: Chinsta, South Africa

South Africa is probably my favourite destination in the world: had the good fortune of visiting this beautiful country not once but twice in the last year and on both occasions I was completely bowled over by the warmth of the people and it’s breathtaking natural beauty. This country probably has everything you might be looking for in a trip- most beautiful pristine beaches known to mankind, fynbos covered peaks, constant sea views, vibrant culture, small towns with rich history plus tons of adrenaline filled adventure activities with a great gastronomical scene to boot.

My favourite spot in South Africa is Chintsa on the Wild Coast in Eastern Cape.

It has one of the best hostels in the world: Buccaneers Backpackers – The Price family who run the place are warm hosts and have created a beautiful home away from home for their guests. Cascading down a hill, the lodge has numerous vantage points to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the lagoon and Chintsa beach. Every view is accompanied by the memorable soundtrack of the distant waves crashing against the beach, lulling you into an idyllic sense of bliss.

There is a nice bar on the premises where you can enjoy a beer and every evening, they cook dinner (when I was there we had a Mexican and Indian night. I was the host chef for the Indian night!) that brings guests and locals together. They have a whole bunch of amazing organised activities like horse riding on Chintsa beach or beer tasting at the local Emerald Vale Craft Brewery or visiting the nearby Xhosa village. A unique hostel in a very special part of the world.

Kash from BudgetTraveler

12. Katerina from GoldenWingsDiary (Cyprus)

Favourite place: San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas has not yet been discovered by the massive tourist industry and the San Blas islands are fully controlled by the native Kuna people who protect their land and keep it healthy and beautiful. And that is exactly what makes it so special to me. Nature and culture are untouched. The beauty of this unspoiled place left me speechless and brought tears to my eyes. Literally!

Katerina from GoldenWingsDiary

13. Mel from MelBTravel (UK)

Favourite place: Tryfan, Wales

I love any excuse to be outside playing on a mountain and one of my favourite places to visit is Tryfan, Wales. With its pictures views across the landscape, numerous routes hiking or scrambling up the mountain. You never get tired of visiting this stunning place, especially as it does not have the crowds of Mount Snowdon which is only a 5 minute drive from there.

Mel from MelBTravel

14. Anita from
AnitaHendrieka (New Zealand)

Favourite place: Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

This place to me is so special because it has some of the most unusual and fascinating scenery. It looks like it is literally out of this world!

Anita from AnitaHendrieka

15. Betty from
BettyTravels (Bulgaria)

Favourite place: Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria

There is a place in Bulgaria that was built by the people and destroyed by the people. The former headquarters of the Bulgarian communist party today is one of the most popular abandoned buildings in the world. Each year photographers, travel bloggers and travellers visit the monument located on a hill. I love going there and travelling back in time. Buzludzha stands like a ghost from the past and reminds us that nothing will last forever. It makes us remember history so we can avoid repeating it.

Betty from BettyTravels

16. Sofie from
WonderfulWanderings (Belgium)

Favourite place: Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles will always be special to me. While people warned me this county was fake, I found nothing but openness, friendliness and inspiration there. While the “I can be whatever I want to be” American, and maybe especially Californian attitude often makes us Europeans laugh, it’s exactly that attitude that infected me and allowed me to make a mind shift and form a plan to ditch my job and create a career of my own. I still feel inspired when I think back to the weeks I spent in LA and am hoping to go back soon.

Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings

17. Paul from
GoingSolo (UK)

Favourite place: Banff, Canada

Now this small picturesque town might be a very touristic destination, but the Bow Valley in which it’s located will deliver memories that will last a lifetime. My biggest suggestion is to hire, borrow or buy a bicycle and escape the town of Banff.

Next get up crazy early for a 5am start, pack a day sack full of snacks and cycle the old Highway 1A (aka The Bow Valley Parkway) that goes from Banff to Lake Louise. I highly recommend you spend a full day cycling and exploring some of this roads many viewpoints, including Johnston Canyon.

The earlier you start the better chance of seeing some of the Bow Valley’s famous residents; moose, deer, elk, bighorn sheep, bears and if you’re lucky a wolf or two. If you do encounter some of its wildlife be sure to keep your distance and respect where their home. … And don’t forget your camera or even a sketchbook and paints to capture the views of this stunning valley.

Paul from GoingSolo

18. Andreja from
AdventurousJourneys (Slovenia)

Favourite place: Cerknica Lake, Slovenia

Cerknica Lake is the biggest intermittent lake in the world. Cerknica Lake is a disappearing lake, but it disappears only seasonally. Every few years, under the right circumstances, the lake freezes and turns into a fairy tale that attracts hundreds of local visitors. Despite its mysterious nature, the lake is not spoiled by mass tourism.

Andreja from AdventurousJourneys

19. Yvonne from JustTravelous (Germany)

Favourite place: Matahari Tulamben Resort, Bali

I have many favourite places in this world. It always depends on what kind of mood I am in and what I am looking for at that very moment. But one place I’ve returned to three years in a row now is the Matahari Tulamben Resort in Bali. I love diving and they offer amazing diving-packages for very little money and the dive spots there are so beautiful!

I don´t get bored diving there at all because every time I’m amazed by all the beautiful things I see there. I especially love the wreck diving there at night. It’s like being in another world. Besides this, the staff and the people living at Matahari Tulamben Resort are amazing and we have really become friends during the last few years and it always feels a bit like coming home to me.

Yvonne from JustTravelous

20. Jenna from
GiveForGranted (Canada)

Favourite place: Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

While most travellers head onward to Bali from other dream destinations in Southeast Asia, in 2012 I found paradise in a small river bank village in North Sumatra called Bukit Lawang.
After a severe flash flood in 2003 killing more than 200 people due to illegal logging, Bukit Lawang has been rebuilt and is now thriving as a unique and sustainable tourist destination for those looking for the real off the beaten track experience. Bukit Lawang now has one of the largest Sumatran orangutan sanctuaries in the world and is well-known for their guided treks through the Genung Leuser National Park. While you can choose various 1-6 day hikes, I joined in on a 2 day, 24 hour exhilarating trek through the Sumatran Rainforest. This has won my heart over as being one of the more unique and amazing experiences thus far!

Jenna from GiveForGranted

21. Danik from
DanikTheExplorer (UK)

Favourite place: Mountains (Pyrenees)

One of my favourite places to get away from it all is any mountain region away from the crowds and a lot of times I hit up the Pyrenees region around southern France, Andorra and north-east Spain. Not only there is stunning scenery, great hiking trails and fantastic cycle routes, the stoned-slab buildings in the villages and the local cuisine (especially the sausage platters) are to die for.

Danik from DanikTheExplorer

22. Verushka from SpiceGoddess (South-Africa)

Favourite place: Abu Dhabi

While living in London I fell in love with the beauty of the Arab culture,food, music and the Desert. I love Abu Dhabi and it can only be described as old school Arab charm. When compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is seen as the older mature sister with old-fashioned values.The contrasts of the beautiful man-made Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the endless Dunes of Desert captivate your spirit.

verushka from SpiceGoddess

23. Veronika from Veronika’sAdventure (Czech Republic)

Favourite place: Taiwan

This tropical island amazed me. The nature is stunning: majestic mountains, scenic cliffs, and amazing waterfalls. It’s one of the best places to go hiking: there is adventure everywhere. Most of the population lives on the west coast characterized by a landscape of rolling hills. The East coast – the most stunning region of Taiwan – is dominated by a rugged mountain range. When going there, one should visit Taroko Gorge, Taiwan’s prettiest national park featuring an impressive 19-km-long canyon.

Veronica from VeronicasAdventures

24. Elena from CreativElena (Austria)

Favourite place: Portugal

For me, “fairy tales are for real”. (Some of) My most favourite, absolutely magical travel destinations are located in Portugal. Two years ago I knew virtually nothing about the country, culture, history or language. Now, I am fluent in Portuguese and call this country “home” – soul & spirit-wise.

Elena from CreativeLena

25. Alicia from AliciaExplores (UK)

Favourite place: New York, USA

I think New York is magical, magnetic and like nowhere else on the planet. Whenever I’ve been there – lucky things have happened to me and I have made some amazing friends. A perfect day would start with a hearty Brooklyn brunch – thick pancakes with roasted apple and whipped cream at Roebling Tearoom in Williamsburg, followed by browsing the vintage stores and bookshops around Bedford Avenue (aka Hipster Heaven). The best place to get lost at the weekend is Brooklyn Flea Market – jewels, clothing, food, furniture, music, feather boas – you name it. Then here’s a tip for the best pizza in the whole of New York – Roberta’s in Bushwick. If you’ve never tried honey on pizza – now’s the time to give it a go…

Alicia from AliciaExplores


Share your thoughts if you have been to any of these or tell us about your favourite place!


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25 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Places