Sweden is a beautiful country with a green mountainous landscape, a long, rugged coastline and many small islands surrounding the mainland. It belongs to one of my favourite countries in Europe. After six years of absence I have traveled there again this summer and expereinced quite some adventures.

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What Is Sweden Known For?

Sweden is known for its love for nature and its friendly hospitable people. If you are planning to go to Sweden, there’s a whole bunch of things you could see and do when you get there.

What To See In Sweden

See The Northern Lights

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

The northern lights otherwise known as Aurora are pale green and pink colors that display in stretches in the night sky. They are only seen in regions around the north and south poles.

Sweden is blessed to be among the countries where you can spot them. To catch a perfect Aurora, you will have to travel to the northern reaches of Sweden from Jokkmokk to the border with Norway. The lights are brightest as from the end of September to the start of April when the skies are dark enough.

See Cherries Blossom

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

When spring sets in, Sweden bursts into life with the colorful sight of pink, crimson and white cherry flowers. Take your lover with you to relax on the grass for a mid-morning picnic and enjoy the magical view of blossoming trees.

To fully explore the country, you must indulge in the adventures it offers. These are the best things to do in Sweden;

Visit The Icehotel

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

The ice hotel is just what its name suggest: a hotel made purely of Ice! It is an astounding living art form in the small historic village of Jukkasjärvi. Guess what; the whole structure melts during spring, and it is rebuilt in winter. Guests are allowed inside from December to early April. You can decide to visit the hotel during the day or even sleep in the ice rooms at night depending on your budget. Have fun dogsledding and snowmobiling in the piles of snow around the hotel.

Celebrate The Crayfish Season

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

Fishing of crayfish in Sweden used to be restricted at certain times of the year so as to preserve the population of the fish. The restrictions were lifted at the end of each summer and Swedes would go crazy with crayfish parties. That is how the crayfish season was born. Swedish crayfish parties take place outdoors next to the sea or a pretty lake. A long table is set with big bowls on top to house the crayfish. At the end of summer, find yourself a crayfish party around where you stay and suck all the flavor out of the crayfish.

Sleep In Swedish Castles

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

If you want to sleep in a king size bed and feel like a king, then you should sleep in Swedish castles. Yes, it is entirely acceptable. Their surroundings and interiors look like scenes from a fairy tale with grand manicured gardens, beautiful lake views, and lavish dining rooms. I will leave the bedrooms to your imagination. The top rated castles for your slumber are;

  • Södertuna Slott in Gnesta. 
  • Thorskogs Slott in Västerlanda. 
  • Orenäs Slott in Glumslöv. 
  • Åkeshofs Slott in Bromma.
  • Bäckaskog Slott in Fjälkinge. 

Attend The Summer Festivals

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

Rock Festival in Sweden

In June, July and August, Swedes come out to soak up the sunshine with music and parties. The most famous festivals are the; Sweden Rock Festival and the Summerburst Festival. There is also a classic car week for displaying old classic cars and a medieval week when you could dress up like a knight, and nobody would care. You will get to march in the streets in support of art, music, literature, peace and love. Summer in Sweden is a one stop shop for fun.

Cycle In Sweden

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

There are many routes across the country favorable for safe city cycling and mountain biking. There are cyclist-friendly lodgings too fitted with warm showers and bike tools. Don’t be shy, bring your own bike from home or rent a bike in Sweden and enjoy the full view of the landscapes while on your wheels. You are guaranteed to make lots of cyclist friends en route.

Track the Vikings

Things to do in Sweden TravelTelling Guest Post

Viking Village

For lovers of history, a visit to Sweden would not be complete without the sight of Vikings. Track the Vikings in the Viking village of Storholmen and the Island of Birka in Lake Malaren. These modern day Vikings will do everything the Vikings did in the past including taking part in wooden sword fights just for your illustration. You should also visit the Historiska museum in Stockholm to see the Vikings’ old boats and treasures and learn about the tools they used and their way of life.
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