After my time in Jämtland I left Östersund behind and am close to cross the Swedish border. Spring has finally arrived and snow is melting. I am passing by Åre, a favourite place of mine and head towards Sør-Trøndelag in Norway where a friend of mine is working in a place for fishing tourism. It is a relaxed roadtrip; a nice drive through neverland. Far and wide there is the road, trees, lakes, sun and us only.


Trondheim Seven Eleven

It’s such a difference compared to the Mid-European borders. So quiet and peaceful with only one road within the middle of nature. I pass Stjørdal, the first town on the norwegian site. Quite authentic, small town at the waterfront. A quite authentic piece of Norway. After a quick drive I arrive at the next stop on my route: Trondheim in the Mid-North of Norway.


Trondheim Waterfront

A scenic city which reminds me a bit of old American towns in old Western movies. With all the Saloons and stuff. A bit like traveling in time with the word peacefulnes highlited in bold. The harbour of Trondheim with its boats. The coloured wooden houses located at the rivers crossing the city. And the mountain skyline in the back. What an idyllic place  I have found – i was happy.


Trondheim houses

So, what am I going to visit? Not much as I prefer to rather walk through the city to take in the surroundings and the special mood of the day. It is a warm day in April, snow is nearly gone and everything is covered in early spring colours. People are sitting at the lake in short dresses with birdsong and the sound of a warm breeze. To me it seems like time is standing in Trondheim.