Hello :) Nice to hear that you are interested in responsible travelling. Did you also read the previous post about this topic? It explains in detail what this topic includes and if it suits you.

Before the trip!

Yes, you heard me! For the truly responsible traveller, support starts at home:

  1. As you are doing internet research anyway, make sure you choose tour operators or service providers who are supporting sustainable tourism, local projects in destinations or other forms of charities which aim at helping local economy, education, communities, people, animals or nature. Check out their ethical stands by simply calling them and asking where your money You can also search for local providers on site and choose them.
  2. Do some research and find out about the destination, its nature, local people’s culture, politics, do’s and don´ts especially for culturally and religiously sensitive issues such as dress codes, behaviour, habits, religious rituals, gestures, food, etc.
  3. Get yourself up to speed online about local sustainable and responsible tourism projects/attractions on site especially when it comes to activities such as snorkelling, animal and eco parks etc. and add them to your list of things you want to do and see.
  4. Take the step of learning some of the local language as this will quickly break down cultural barriers by showing your interest and effort. It is not only fun, but you will also be taken into deeper conversations including tips and local insights and you will gain respect from locals.
  5. Watch what you pack! Minimize your waste through responsible packing. Try to buy products which are not wrapped in disposable plastic or remove needless packaging at home. Also, pack a strong bag which you will re-use every time you go grocery shopping in the destination to keep your use of plastic bags to a minimum.


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Responsible Travel 5 Tips