I was talking to Milou about the island of Malta. She is one of a few travel bloggers in the Netherlands who is writing about travelling on a budget but still making the most out of a trip. I took the opportunity to ask her some questions about who she is and what she does.

1. Milou, on twitter you describe yourself as “Inspiring budget babe to live a bad ass life”. What’s so badass about you and how do you inspire others through your blog?

About 1,5 year ago I decided there was no more time to wait for the „right” moment. I decided to let go of any fears (mostly money-related) I had and decided I was in charge of my life. I really started living it. I don’t have a big income, and yet I travel the world as often as I can. I hope to spread the message to live a meaningful life for yourself, and to make the most of it, even if you’re small on cash.

Milou in Barcelona

2. I like your “about” section. Tell us more about you, your passion of traveling and how you came up with blogging.

I’ve always been traveling, and I’ve always been blogging. I guess it was a matter of time the two would be merged together ;-). The idea for the blog came when I was suffering from depression. I had no friends in the city I lived, I had no money to do anything fun, I was hardly getting any work. I decided I needed to take charge of my own life, and started doing things I loved even if I had little money. That meant travel.. And since I couldn’t find a blog about traveling on a small budget in The Netherlands, I decided to create it myself.

3. You are living in Utrecht. How much time did you spend on travel this year and where did you go?


That’s a tough question! I don’t exactly know but if I’d have to make a guess… I’ve probably travelled around 3 months out of this year. I’m probably forgetting places, but: Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Malta, Morocco, Greece, the US and Spain. I’ve been to Germany twice this year, Belgium twice, and the UK three times.

4. Next to your blog, you are working for Viva Fashionista and Cosmopolitan. Tell us about your second passion for fashion and glamour.

I actually don’t write about fashion OR glamour for these magazines, HA! I mainly write human interest articles, so interviews or background stories… I do enjoy a good personal style, and like to look good, but I’m not overly obsessed with fashion. I probably buy about one piece of clothing a month (at H&M!).

5. I have lived in the Netherlands for four years myself and fell in love with the country, its people and their mentality. How do you as a resident like your country and what’s so special about the Dutch lifestyle?

Milou in Gent

I used to dislike living in the Netherlands… thinking it would be boring as it’s so small, the nature is the same pretty much everywhere, and you’re used to the building style and culture as you grow up there. But now I’m traveling to so many places I see how clean, and comfortable our country actually is. I’m not to crazy on our lifestyle yet (I prefer the Spanish one: lots of food, slow living and socializing), but there’s lots of things we ARE doing right. Oh, and we’re funny. Normally.

If you got curious check out her blog or twitter channel to get inspired on how to safe money on your travels.
Photo copyright by Milou from explorista.