I met Špela during my time in Slovenia and we were exchanging a bit about travelling, life and our personal stories. She got my attention when talking about her attitude, her positive way of thinking, willpower and the special diet she is dedicated to.

1. Špela, you said you made some drastic changes in your life. Tell us about who you were before and who you are now. 

Špela I went from being about 10kg overweight party girl, with no real understanding of life around her, which eventually resulted in depression, acne, emotional eating and no relationship with myself what so ever. Then I discovered Veganism and my world started to change for 100%. I am now a blogger, a lifestyle educator, a raw vegan mentor, and most importantly a more spiritual person who loves herself and love life in general. There are no fears that I’m too afraid to deal with, I don’t drink any more alcohol and I’m enjoying my life fully, I also healed my chronic acne and am now writing a book about it. All of that followed by one single video on YouTube, which has changed my view of life. Most importantly for me is that I grow and learn something new every day.

2. You are part of a team who is translating the 80/10/10 book into Slovenian. What is the book about and how did it effect or inspire you? 

Špela and elephantThe book 80/10/10 diet, made my life worth living again. I got rid of acne and depression. I started to learn about real power of natural foods. I’ve got so inspired after I read this book that I wanted to translate it myself, so that my loved ones could read it too. I find out that the book is getting translated by a wonderful team of people, so I joined them, and soon the book was available in Slovenian. The 80/10/10 diet talks about eating only raw fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds in the ratio of 80 % carbohydrates 10% protein and 10% fats. Which seems extreme, but once you try it and see the benefits and experience its power it’s no longer extreme ;) It inspired me to respect myself, I grew as a person and became much more confident. I even ran 10km running competition without much practice and reached amazing results; I became more active, which I have not been in my pre-vegan life. I was a couch potato. Yup :) 

3. You are currently living in your home country Slovenia. Explain what you are doing there and what’s your mission in life. 

Špela and kidsYes I’m living at home in this moment. I’ve just finished my short-term job and have some free time now. My goal right now is to get my university diploma as soon as possible, and then earn some money, so I can go to Thailand for a year, where I’ll be teaching English to Thai children. My mission in life is to do good, I want the world to be better because I was here. I want people who are on the edge, who are sick, to find out that sickness is not their destiny, I want to show people how easy it is to be healthy. I have information on how to heal cancer or any other man-made disease. I want the world to know that they can have control over their health. And I’m doing that by living this lifestyle and sharing my life through my knowledge about natural hygiene trough blog and also personal coaching.

4. Stories on your blog are of a diverse background. What do you talk about on your blog, who are your readers and how do you inspire them?

Špela at the beachThat is correct; my blog is my way of sharing my thoughts with the world. When I’ve wrote my first blog, it was nothing about the lifestyle but it was a personal self-loving realization. I’ve got such an amazing and positive feedback from people, so many views from all over the world, which got me inspired to write some more.

My readers are people from all over the world. I guess it’s meant for people who find me interesting and who share my thoughts. Some are probably just curious and some would love to learn something new. My blogs are diverse as you said. I write everything that I’d like to express, my thought, my travels (I blogged during my 3 months backpacking trough Thailand) and right now I’m writing new daily posts about my fasting experience.

So yes it’s diverse and maybe this is not the best thing that I have no specific audience, but I do this from my soul, which is everything else but specific. It’s big, raw and diverse. I’m learning and growing every day and I love how life is one big bundle of joy, if we really want it to be. If you would like to join me on my journey of spreading the word about positivity to the world just follow me on instagram or youtube.

Thanks so much Matthias for sharing and exchanging our experiences. Hope to see you soon again in my home country Slovenia. Much love to you all and thanks for taking the time to read my story, Špela.

Thank you Špela

…for sharing your story and your thoughts. It’s so great to meet people from all over the world and to get inspired by them. All the best to you!