f.re.e & a new chapter in my life


I have reached a point in my life where I close a chapter to open a new one. I went out of my comfort zone and left my job as the wanderlust got me again after a long time. And there I am, a new year – a new chapter which awaits to be filled with a story. This story has just started and I can’t wait to experience it.

f.re.e_2015_hr0277It all starts at f.re.e

Straight after the sport & outdoor fair ISPO, another highlight happens in Munich. The leisure and tourism fair called f.re.e – Travel & Leisure Fair. For me as a travel & tourism nerd, this is a must attend event, ha. I am here as a blogger for the first time and already have the privilege of getting in for free isn’t that great! It‘s the best place in Munich to get inspiration for your next travel. The f.re.e is much more a B2C than B2B event as the World Travel Market in London or the ITB Berlin for example. Nevertheless, there are some seminars and lectures for people from the tourism industry as well.








Beginning preparations of my 2015 mega summer trip

As I love to be active in the outdoors I often thought about doing a long bike trip. A trip which is about the simple things in life – back to the basics – back to nature. Eating, sleeping, surviving. Like backpacking, but on a bike. At the fair there is an entire hall about bike travel which is very valuable for me as a source of inspiration.

Bike and Backpack 30.04 (17)

I learned about tour bikes and the equipment I need for such a big trip. Quite a lot of things to consider but I am highly motivated to go traveling again.  After 3 days of talking to people, meeting friends and collecting information I am whacked. I am now officially in the beginning of the preparation phase of my bike trip. So far, the only thing I know is to start in Munich and to ride all the way down to Athens, where I will meet my good friend Panos.


Next on is the tourism fair ITB Berlin where I will meet old friends and colleagues, visit seminars and of course, plan to finalize my bike route…

Hi, ich bin Matthias und reise gerne fernab der Massentourismuspfade, aktiv und abenteuerlich, aber zugleich auch genussvoll und entschleunigt. Am liebsten mit Rad, Rucksack oder Handgepäck. Auf diesem Blog findest du neben Reiseberichten und Tipps auch Interviews, Gedanken, Gastartikel und viele Eindrücke zum Reisen mit dem Fahrrad.

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  1. Hi Josh!

    Thanks for your comment! I’m glad, we are sharing the same thoughts on this. I know these type of people you talk about. Sometimes some good inspiration helps them to change their opinion. However, I am exciting to start my trip next week and am looking forward to post about it.

    All the best to you and safe travels!


  2. Hey Matt,
    great story! I am glad you are one of these guys who plays his own rules and leaves his comfort zone from time to time.

    So many people often tell me that they cannot go and start a new chapter i.e. leaving the job to go traveling…

    These people are just too lazy and too afraid and will miss out on a lot of things in life. I am sure you will not regret this step!

    Have fun and enjoy your travel project. Looking forward to your posts.

    All the best to you,


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