3 days at the sport and outdoor fair #ISPO2016 in Munich

It’s that time again and already one year has passed. The sport and outdoor fair ISPO is calling. As always it takes place in Munich and I can conveniently take the underground to get there. The young and international audience, an easy-going atmosphere as well as innovative products, and of course the stand and after parties are the highlights as every year.
This year I have thought about how to connect the ISPO better with my blog than only to report via social media and in an article about it. Hence, I searched for twelve practical and small gadgets for (active) travelers. Small, light, handy and innovative they should be.

First of all – For nature’s sake

Already at the entrance of the ISPO a charity organization attracted my attention which I would like to introduce to you: The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). 126 members consisting of outdoor brands and media support the maintenance and preservation of valuable nature conservation projects by yearly contributions. They aim to demonstrate that it is possible to protect nature trough a collective cohesion and give something back. In case you buy outdoor products in the near future, take a look which brands support this organization; this way you would as well support and protect environmental.
And now, let’s go: Here is the unordered list of my top twelve product highlights for (active) travelers:

1. Foldable Daypack & Duffle

Leave your suitcase or backpack at the hostel, in a locker or at a friend’s place while being abroad and take the daypack or foldable travel bag for your mini trip. Folded together they hardly take any space in your luggage and are very light. The GOX daypack takes up to 3 kg and the duffle even up to 10 kg.

Packing System Ispo Munich

Packing System at Ispo Munich

2. Action Sport Headphone

Running at the beach, but your headphone falls out all the time!? The twist lock technique of the action sport headphone Grip 200 by UBL guarantees that it remains where it belongs – in your ear. At the same time it is very comfortable to wear as it is made from silicone. The headphone is available with or without an integrated headset.

UBL Action Sport Headphones Grip 200

3. Multifunctional 8-in-1 Headwear

This multifunctional scarf protects head, face and neck from cold or sweat and can be worn in eight different ways. At 4fun especially a wide range of designs is paramount. The advantage of this brand: It has two parts; light, soft fabric for hot days and cozy fleece that protects you even better against cold.

Scarf Ispo

4. Collapsible Bottle

This foldable and super light drinking bottle by Hydropack is very innovative as it can be, once it is empty, easily stowed in your backpack without taking much space. It is available in three different colors and sizes. An elastic suspension ring is integrated as well.

Collapsable Waterbottle Ispo

5. Isolated Drinking Bottle

If you enjoy going by bike like me you know the problem. During summer the water in your bottle heats up much too quickly. The light and isolated drinking bottle Frio by Nero comes with a practical screw cap and promises to keep the content 2.5 hours longer at the same temperature compared to non-isolated bottles.

Grip Nero Waterbottle Ispo

6. Waterproof Mobile Phone Case

The guys from Seawag had a very cool and stylish stand. Seawag is the perfect alternative to an expensive action cam. At their booth they presented water, snow and sand-proof phone cases with which you can record underwater as you  can still use your touchscreen. A carrying strap for the case is inclusive. You can even connect a waterproof headset.

Seawag Protection Ispo

7. Foldable Cooking System + Multifunctional Cutlery

Practicable for everyone who likes to camp; the new and compact xset 31 cooking set by Sea To Summit for two persons. There is a cooking pan with measuring scale plus transparent lid with sieve feature. Additionally you will find two mugs and two bowls. The key feature of it: The whole set is foldable up to 4 cm and weighs only 600 g. The ultra-light 3-in-1 cutlery by LightmyFire has been used by me during my cycle trip, it is the perfect supplement to this cooking set.

Sea to Summit Cooking System Ispo

8. Foldable Hanger + Suction Hook with Karabiner Feature

You are traveling and you have a shirt that should not get wrinkled or should dry quickly, but you cannot find a hanger? I already have been on my way out of the ISPO when I suddenly saw the stand of Rubtec: A foldable hanger and a very robust suction hook with karabiner feature that e.g. is also perfect for your toilet bag in any bathroom.

Foldable Hanger Ispo

Foldable Hanger Ispo 2

9. Mini Travel Towels

An item that can use a lot of space in your luggage is a towel. Nowadays there are super light travel towels available in any kind of color and size. The advantage: They are in fact extremely light and small.

Travel Towel Mini

10. Ten small and useful accessories

At the AceCamp stand I have not only found many small and handy gadgets, I also picked up with someone very friendly. Sven showed me the products and together we choose a collection of helpful accessories for the average outdoor lover. I think the most helpful ones are the small pocket wire saw, the LED tent lamp with karabiner, the pocket camping lantern, the water-proof flamesticks and the Paracord Key. Besides, there is also a multifunctional tool with pliers or LED light, a foldable compass and the new zipper repair kit FixnZip available.

Munkeez Travel Gadgets

11. Warm pads

Very handy when you are fishing in the evening, hiking or sleeping in a tent in autumn, winter or spring. I also used these very helpful warm pads by Thermopad on my 4-month cycle trip. They offer many different kinds of warmers – for your soles, back, hands and even toes. And they are extremely helpful when it is cold.

Thermo Pad Warm Pads

12. Double-layered hiking socks

On the last day I met a friend who worked at the booth of  WrightSocks. She gave me one pair of their special hiking socks. What is so special about it, I asked. “The double layer prevents not only sweaty feet, but also blistering.” Wow, that sounds useful!

You made it to the end – congrats!
Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful and inspiring for you.
If so, feel free to share this article :)

Transparency: I received these products for free and was under no obligation to review them.