ITB Berlin 2015 (4)

I am on a mission to finalize the route for my upcoming 4-month cycling trip through South-East Europe. I am sitting in MeinFernbus on the way from Munich to Berlin to visit the ITB Berlin Tourism fair. Feels good to leave Munich behind for a while and to hang out in the young and vibrant metropolis. It’s my 4th visit to the ITB and I enjoy meeting lots of friends and colleagues from student days in the Netherlands, my hometown and my life in Ireland and Australia. It’s so good to see them and to exchange stories and experiences. Good fun to hang out at all their stands, attend after parties, network and to celebrate a big alumni event.

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ITB Berlin 2015 (5)


The facilities at the ITB can be compared with a huge labyrinth where it is quite normal to walk around 15km per day. Madness in the beginning but fun after some days and also good exercise as well, ha ha! During the week I am talking to a lot of Tourism Boards, tour operators and cycling organizations to gain high quality information regarding cycling in the respective regions.

After some days at the fair and intense research my route is beginning to take shape and I plan to cycle 3000 km through 10 countries for 4 months. Wow, what an adventure and still a lot to prepare such as the detailed route itself, buying a tour bike, equipment, formal things, sub-renting my apartment, insurance issues, intense destination and cycling related research and so on. However, I am already immensely enthusiastic about my travel project. And now, finally, Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present the selection of countries I cycle through:

Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia & Greece

Be prepared – more info will follow soon! :)