Sweden Östersund Bungalow

Photo by Mila Kickert

Östersund, the capital city of county Jämtland in the middle of Sweden is a place in which I used to spend quite some time. With warm and dry summers, cold artic winters and situated at a large lake this city is an optimal place to live. With Idyllic surroundings, natural sights and the typical Swede way of life I felt right at home in this country. I remember the first time I arrived in Östersund as it was yesterday. After a 6 hours train ride from Stockholm and another 3 hours bus ride as the train broke down I arrived at the city’s central station at 1 o’clock at night after a total travel time of 16 hours – wow! However, I was so excited that I was still smiling until I set the first step off the bus and realized that out of a sudden it was freaking minus 25 degrees outside. Quite a funny and unexpected arrival.

Silence in Östersund

Photo by Mila Kickert

Over there I was living on a natural campsite in a comfortable bungalow with a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Similar to the trailer I was living in during the first 6 months of my studies back in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Some of you may remember the so called Burmania Park. However, Östersundscamping was a quiet and manageable campsite with a gym, pool and sauna facilities – fell in love with the place and could not ask for more. I had sunny springs, hot summers and cold but cozy winters there.

Sweden Östersund Storsjön

Photo by Mila Kickert

The city is situated at Sweden’s five largest lake Storsjön which means Great Lake. In summer we were celebrating Walpurgis Night and Midsummer here. During the winter I tried myself in ice skating in at minus 22 degree: Snowy, cold but dressed warm – perfect. Next to enjoying life at the campground, listening to nothing but bird songs, going to the sauna and sitting outside at night at 2 a.m. with the sun still shining I also went out to discover the city. I so love the Swedish architecture with all its wooden houses painted in red, yellow, white, blue or grey. Back in the day red was the most expensive colour and so, only the upper Swedish class could afford to paint their houses in red.Östersund is a normal sized but beautiful Swedish city which features Mid-Sweden University’s largest campus.  A final note for every one of you ever traveling to Sweden: Go and stop at Willy’s – my favorite Swedish supermarket They got all Swedish food, all other food and lot’s more Scandinavian sweets and dishes. I fell in love again.

Spring arrived in ÖstersundI consider my times in Östersund as one of the most pleasant times I had in life so far and like to strive in memories from time to time. Another reason I had such a great time there was my girlfriend who I had at that time and was always with me as she lived in Östersund. In Sweden I was looking forward to the arrival of both, summer and winter and lived so peaceful on this authentic camping ground and was able to leave my worries behind at all times. I felt in love with this country and am looking forward to go back for a visit hopefully one day again. Read more about the stunning nature and eco-tourism site I found in Jämtland.