BalconyStill in Scandinavia, back in Sweden. What would be a trip to the North without discovering its capital!? Stockholm is my favourite European capital. It’s been my 4th time here and still I love it! This time I’m here for house sitting. I’m not sure if this word even exists. Basically, my friend and I stayed in her boss’ house while she and her family were on vacation. What a treat – their luxury 6 room Swedish home was situated in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood outside the city center.

Hot in Stockholm It was July and 50 degrees in the sun – no kidding! But with a large garden, a sprinkler, and a fruit cocktail in the hand life seemed to be not too bad. Next to that, it was Soccer World Championship. The right time and the right place to watch it. Either in the huge garden or inside the luxury and comfortable living room. One of these moments in which you can’t ask for more. Outside people were scantily dressed or better say half-naked because of the heat. The city was crowded with fans watching the matches on the streets and everybody was swimming or refreshing in the city fountains. A perfect summer!

Boat trip in Stockholm Best thing to do with that weather was boat sightseeing along Stockholm’s waterfront. We were riding towards Skinnarviksberget, one of the many small islands. Once arrived we went hiking, swimming and took a sun bath. Even though it’s so close to the big city the island provides a unique natural stress-free feeling. Another interesting thing we did was a visit to the Vasa Museet, a maritime Museum on the island Djurgården. It presents the original ship Vasa which sunk during its maiden voyage – quite impressing.

Stockholm islandsNext stop was one of my favorites: Stadsholmen in Södermalm where you will find Stockholm’s old town – Gamla Stan. I love this place with its terrific Swedish architecture, the massive houses at the waterfront and the many small streets and shops. My top favorite spot however, is the city centre. The huge place next to the Kunsthuset and the Segelfontänen. Standing there feels very inspiring to me – especially in the summertime with musicians, artists and all the young people dressed in neon colours under the blue sky.

seven eleven in StockholmTalking about the city center, Stockholm is my personal shopping hotspot from all the European cities I have been to so far. The style to be found there is the exact one I like…hehehe. If you are a guy check out clothes store Dressmann. If you are a girl and you like to be dressed to the hilt then you will be inspired by Stockholm‘s nite life! Dancing all nite to electronic beats in 360 and Berns nite club. Definitely an experience in itself with all the beautiful Scandinavian people, dressed up, tarted up and partying all night long. One evening we went to an exclusive creative art event in a nite club called Livingroom. Quite fancy but super tasty Swedish food.

The next day we saw a different kind of art in Millesgårde, a park full of sculptures with a nice sea view. One thing I don’t want to forget to mention is that I was very much impressed with the way the subway stations are decorated. 90 of 100 stations are designed. It is like a trip through a tunnel of art. Don’t miss to check out the following tube stations: Kungsträdgården, Rådhuset, Solna Centrum, Hötorget and Tekniska Högskolan. Finally, what would be a trip to Sweden without visiting its famous theme park Gröna Lund on Stockholm’s peninsula Djurgården. Take a look, it’s definitely worth going and will flashback you to your childhood times – not bad at all.