Finally! Today our biketour is finally about to start: Tent and bikes are packed and the long-awaited journey is about to begin. If you are interested how we came up with this crazy idea you can read it here.

With me is my girlfriend Babs who is at least as enthusiastic and excited about this trip as I am. We really made this a big one: Within 4 months we want to discover 10 countries by bike and travel more than 3000 km.

bike tour 2015

Biketour 2015 (1)

Off we go from our home base in Munich. From here we will take the train to Vienna. Why that? First of all, Germany and Austria belong to the main bike tourism destinations in Europe. This means that the bike path ” EuroVelo 6 “ (Danube Route) which we will take is crowded with bike tourists at this time of the year. We want to simply stay away from this masses and are looking for a more adventurous trip anyway. So, after our stay in Vienna, we will drive through…

Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia onwards to our final destination Athens where we will visit my Greek friend Panos.

(Update: We had to change our route in Bulgaria. In the end we did 8 countries and 2500 km)

cycle tour 2015 map

I wanted to quickly point out our preparation phase, but realised that it will take much more than a few lines to tell about this intense and stressful time. Therefore, I will dedicate this experience an extra post soon. Anyway, that was then, this is now. So, after our stay in Vienna our way goes through Bratislava towards Hungary. We are excited what this beautiful country has to offer…