It’s been a while since I have posted something. I have concentrated a bit more on enjoying the last part of our bike trip and left the blog as it was. Quiet a good feeling as well. Nevertheless, here is the story about what happened in Sofia and the rest of Bulgaria:

We left Vidin, where we changed our travel plans and are on our way to Sofia. This time not by bike but instead we take the train simply because the route is too hilly plus hereby we can save a little bit of time.

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After I have been on holidays in Bulgaria in 2005, 2006 and 2007, I promised myself to go to Bulgaria`s capital Sofia next time to meet my new friends. Now, eight years later it is finally about time. I am totally excited. My old friend Irena welcomes us with open arms and we spend a few lovely days together with her and her friends Maria and Rosen. Near our accommodation Babs and I come across an old, in communist-soviet style built independent cinema where we end up watching a few movies. Once the cinema is empty, another time packed with visitors from the alternative-artistic scene of Sofia as the showing of the Ukrainian movie The Tribe takes place. A movie in which no single word is spoken as it plays at a school for deaf-mute people: “Love and hate do not need words”; worth seeing, but also pretty tough.

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The day of departure

The day of departure is full of obstacles. On the last night I discover that I again have a flat tire. Since three weeks I have issues with it: First, I figured that the spare tire I carried with me already had a hole! Then, the new patches do not stay. Consequently, I have bought two really cheap tubes – the only ones they had in the shop. Both valves broke over the last week. I am extremely pissed off!! And yes, sometimes I can actually become a little bit choleric then.
In the middle of the night I am fixing the tire again, so that we at least can reach the train station the next morning and take the train to Bucharest.

Next morning 6 am: The tire is flat again – and it is again caused by the valve! Well, that is really too much now!
Is this supposed to be a stroke of destiny? Maybe a sign? But for what? Not to travel to Romania? Well, I actually am a little bit superstitious sometimes, I have to admit… However, I decide to trust my gut feeling which is always right and take the bike to a repair shop.
In the afternoon we are finally back on track, with the fixed bike at the train station. And I am glad that the tire-problem has been solved eventually. The train to Bucharest has left without us hours ago anyway. Right now I do not really mind where we are going next. For now I am just happy and open for everything.

Well, shall we go south, north or further east? I am texting a bit with my friends in Greece. Will we actually go there? A bit of sun and beach would be indeed very nice right now! Unfortunately, they are not available short-notice. So, shall we maybe continue going by bike to the Black Sea? Weather forecast says no. After one hour the decision finally has been made. We will go to Ruse. A city in Bulgaria right at the border to Rumania, let’s say half way from Sofia to Bucharest.
After a train ride through spectacular mountainous scenery and several unplanned stops in the middle of nowhere, we finally arrive with a delay of 2.5 hours shortly before midnight. Anyway, we are glad to be here now in order to see a bit more of Bulgaria before we go to Romania.

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What is pretty interesting is that destiny perhaps actually had aimed to discourage us from going to Romania, which we will find out in Bucharest… Stay tuned for this story!