The continuous rainfalls are over and after two impressive days in Bratislava we are heading towards the Hungarian border. But first, I need to stop at the next fishing shop to get a compact route which I can carry on my bike as I am planning to do some fishing during this tour.

We are leaving the big city behind and are cycling close to the Danube River. The streets are lonely and thus, in a perfect condition for cycling. Never before I was riding so pleasant and comfortable. Out of a sudden a beautiful lake appears not too far from the way and we decide to do a short stop to enjoy the idyllic panorama. Driven by curiosity we head to explore the area and it turns out our short break will last longer than expected. There is something the water. Babs is excited and first things of an alligator. Well, not here but still the animal we find is at least as rare, too. A full-grown beaver who is taking it easy on a Monday evening. Nice! You don’t see that very often.

We are biking further and pass the last village on the Slovakian side. We find newly constructed fancy homes in contrast to old, grey and small houses. However, even more interesting are the oversized luxury BMW’s and Mercedes which are parked everywhere. Do I want to know who is living here!? We leave this question open and are heading towards the border crossing point.

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Hungary Ungarn

Welcome to Hungary. New country, new impressions. Even in the smallest villages signs are decorated in a hospitable style welcoming guests in three languages. One can think, well, this is typical in a border region, but soon we figure that these multilingual signs are to be found all along our way until Budapest.
Very little traffic with only a few cars, horse buggies and snakes are crossing our way. We did our first 300 kilometres and are driving through a red and purple coloured field of flowers. Small villages with tiny mom-and-pop stores let it appear as being on a time-travel trip…