Nature & Party: Secret places in Hungary


After we stayed six instead of four days as planned, we are leaving Budapest and going back on our bikes after an intense rest. We intend to do more kilometers per day, but also to plan less where we want to arrive at the end of the day. So we travel on along the Danube on the EuroVelo 6. After about 65 km we are exploring the so far most beautiful spot. The town Ráckeve is located at a quiet section of the Danube. Along the way you will find numerous cozy landing stages which are hidden among the reeds. This is a real insiders’ tip for nature lovers and those who love water and idyllic spots. What a pity that I do not have fishing baits anymore. It is getting dark and we choose peer, set up our tent and go swimming naked. That´s life, baby!

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Danube Racke Dunapataj (1)

On the next morning we leave Ráckeve and after an exhausting ride on inferior paths and a quick lunch and bathing break we are reaching Dunaföldvár. A small nice town with an outdoor pool located directly at the Danube. However, here occurs an extreme mosquito plague. Oh god, we are already pricked all over! Even the mosquito spray is no help. Although we are wearing long pants and sleeves we get bitten. Adapting, avoiding the twilight and accepting the situation seems to be the only option. And off we go again. Heading south we get clear of the Danube and escape the mosquitos this way. We are arriving in a village named Dunapataj. A young girl welcomes us in English and asks us whether we need any help. We are meeting 23 year old native Patrik who invites us for selfmade whiskey and shows us the stunning Szelidi lake. His camping site Napsugár Üdülő is located directly next to it. He tells us about his childhood in Dunapataj and how much he loves this place. We are hearing loud music and noises coming from houses on the other side of the street. Hungarians are coming here on weekends and during the summer to paint the town red. Additionally, there are to two excellent party locations at the lake. If you are into house parties and partying at lakes, you should definitely visit this place. It will be worth it!

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Danube Racke Dunapataj (2)

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Danube Racke Dunapataj (2)

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