Our next destination is Baja, a town 200 km south of Budapest. Until now, I have only heard good things about it and we are very much looking forward to taste the famous fish soup, which is only available in Baja. Leaving Dunapataj we are heading further south along the Danube following the bikeroute EuroVelo 6 which at this part consists of streets, forest trails, open fields and uneven paths – very varied. It is mid of June and we are happy when we find some shadow. Right before we arrive in Baja, we are biking on a nice and long part on the Danube dike just beside the nationalpark Gemenc Forest.

After arrival and a good night of sleep  we are well rested and ready to check the city. Everything is very clean and the big cloverleaf-shaped town square right beside the anabranch of the Danube is surrounded by many restaurants and cafés. In Baja everyone seems to be a bit more relaxed. The library as well as the city center reminds me of the city of Mildura in Australia, the small side streets with their colorful houses of Ireland instead. You find ice cream shops with delicious ice cream on every corner.

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Baja Hungary Ungarn (1)

Next day 10 a.m.: We are cycling to Gemenc vándorpont. A wood-paneled, modern house directly beside the Türr-István bridge. Here, bikers and hikers can take a shower, do laundry, cook as well as repair their bikes and use the Internet. They can even camp here and store their things. A pretty good service, I believe. Close by is a Tesco where you can do some shopping. Pretty helpful! We are meeting Angela who gives us some further information regarding the bike route through the national park Gemenc Forest. After we have arrived there, I cannot believe what I am seeing: A young fox is crossing our way, only a few moments later a big wild cat. The path is surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers, and the best thing: No one else except us far and wide! And suddenly: A boar family directly at the edge of the path and a few kilometers further another one. We are not afraid as Angela told us that they are eating mulberries which makes them a little dizzy or in other words: They are a bit stoned. Huge herons and falcons are flying through the woods. Many elks live here, too. Unfortunately, we have not seen them that day. Nevertheless, I cannot stop being astonished that we saw that many wild animals immediately. Tomorrow we continue our discovery tour in Baja… stay tuned.

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Baja Hungary Ungarn (3)