We leave Baja and bike further south on the beautiful Danube dike. We stop for a quick rest in Dunafalva and enjoy the idyll. Later we cross the Danube by fairy and arrive in a gorgeous town with colorful buildings and interesting architecture – Mohács. Only grounded a woman addresses us. Normally I do not let me “talk” into an accommodation, but appealing pictures and a fair price speak for themselves. Two days later during checkout we face a bad surprise: Suddenly we are supposed to pay much more. I am fairly pissed off. Although I do not want to assume a tourist trap, I am sure that the mistake is not on our side. Therefore, we only pay the initial price and leave. At the same time Babs and I have our first big fight. After four weeks of traveling probably not exceptional, but at that moment just too much. However, after talking for a long time we go on.

In the late afternoon we arrive in Hercegszántó which is the last Hungarian village along the Euro Velo 6 before Serbia. We visit an impressive Maria steel statue that is eleven meters high, and review our great time in Hungary while having a beer.

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Hungary Ungarn Experience (2)

Suddenly, the next shock: A hit and half-dead cat is trying to crawl on the other side of the street just in front of our eyes – I cannot breath and Babs starts to cry immediately. As if it is seeking for help it looks at us and weakly tries to lift itself up. It breaks our hearts. We would like to release it from its pain, but the residents say that this happens often and put it aside with a shovel. We are paralyzed. Probably it is going to suffer for a few hours before it dies. I cannot find any words and the pictures are stuck in my mind.

Apparently, the incident involving german bikers did the round. As we aim to pitch our tent at a nearby sports ground a young woman approaches us. Mária is a German teacher and invites us to camp at her parents place where she is staying with her children. We are moved and glad that this day seems to take a positive turn in the end. We experience a very hospitable family that owns many animals and a big fruit and vegetable garden. During breakfast while having delicious homemade salami, ham, pastry and high-proof punch, Mária tells us about herself and Hungary. This contact was the greatest and most intense, that we have experienced during our travels so far.

Donauradweg EuroVelo 6 Hungary Ungarn Experience (1)